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The Great War. 1914-1918

1914-1918 Allied Powers Barbed Wire Camouflage Canadian soldiers Chlorine gas Conscription front line Jusqu'au bout Mustard gas No Man’s Land Passcendaele Poppy shell shock tank The Great War The Somme Treaty of Versailles trench foot trench mouth trench warfare trenches Verdun Vimy Ridge western front WWI Ypres Zeppelin

The Great War. 1914-1918

Here is the back of a shirt I have coming to the site, it has a chronological list of events of Canada's participation in the great war, I researched the information from various sites and this is what I came up with. The Great War 1914-1918   Canada at War August 4, 1914: When Britain went to war on August 4, all colonies and dominions of the British Empire, like Canada and Newfoundland, were automatically at war. The Battle of Verdun February 21 - December 18, 1916: The Battle of Verdun is considered the greatest and lengthiest in world history....

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