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The mourning figure of “Mother Canada” of the Vimy Memorial.

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The figure of a cloaked young woman is called Mother Canada or Canada Bereft she stands alone on the wall at the north-eastern side of the memorial and overlooks the Lens-Douai Plains, the objective for the Canadian Corps, who successfully won at the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Winning this high ground gave the Allies a view across the German rear area.

Mother Canada has her head bowed, her eyes cast down, and her chin resting in one hand looking below her at ground level is a marble coffin, representing Canada's war dead bearing a Brodie helmet and a sword, and draped in laurel branches. The saddened figure of Mother Canada, is a national personification of the young Canadian nation, mourning her dead.

The statue, unlike the other statues on the monument was carved from a single 30 tonne block of limestone and faces eastward looking out to the dawn of the new day.  The statue is the largest single piece in the monument and serves as a focal point of the Vimy Memorial.

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