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The War Continues

1914-1918 Canadian Corps Hill 145 The Battle of Vimy Ridge trenches Vimy Memorial Vimy Ridge western front WWI

Information sourced from Veterans Affairs Canada and


Even though Vimy Ridge was captured, the jubilation of the victory would be short-lived. The war would rage on for another 19 months taking the lives of many of the Canadians who had survived and triumphed there.  Those months would prove to be extremely difficult for the Canadians and Allied Forces. 

The Canadians had to capitalize on that hard fought victory and had to rout the Germans out to gain ground and maintain the foothold that had cost them dearly. The bane of war made the surroundings a virtual waste land.  Bodies of the fallen after paying the ultimate price lie in the mud, while those alive, but broken, waited for transportation from the battlefield.  There was no rest for the weary, as the Canadian line moved forward; they captured German weapons (the very ones that were used to hold them back). Now in their hands, they used them on the retreating German forces.  But, not all enemy strongholds were so easily salvaged.  Many were so badly damaged and destroyed by the attack many German gun emplacements were un- usable. I guess this was a credit to the use of sound ranging and the Canadian artillery. 

As the Canadians moved from village to village, many of which were devastated and left in ruins more Germans were routed out and imprisoned which lead to a final victory.

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